2020 Diet Resolution

If diet is your 2020 resolution, make sure you do it right so you don't fail as you did before.

Often, dietary failures occur because many people apply too high a standard, which in the end they cannot realize. Not a few of those who stopped in the middle of the road because of being tired and tired of undergoing a healthy diet.

Then how the tips to undergo a diet resolution that will work? Here are the tips from the experts.

1. Strong motivation

Nutrition experts say that motivation is the most important key in achieving successful diet resolution. How strong your motivation is, the easier it will be to lose weight targets. So, make sure you are courageous and have strong motivation to live healthy.

"Motivation is the most important, after that follow the right healthy lifestyle diet. So weight loss is not instant, (but) gradual. Later the results are also not instant. So do not want instant,".

2. Make sure to eat balanced

In many cases, those who go on a diet only eat one type of food, not even consuming carbohydrates. This behavior is opposite to a healthy balanced diet. So, make sure when on a diet, nutritional intake is maintained.

"From me, healthy food is the same as a healthy diet, so eating it must be balanced protein, so there are carbohydrates, protein, fat," he explained

"Vegetables and fruit must not forget, so we have to continue like that. So we get all the nutrients we need,"

3. Do it gradually

Psychologists say never to make changes drastically or suddenly. Moreover, changes such as doing direct exercise 2 hours to lose weight, even though in his daily life he never did sports.

"For example, during January, run 10 minutes. Now, if 10 minutes, the brain can still accept, it's still okay,"

"Later, February will be added by 5 minutes, that will continue to be done consistently. After that, we will be sure to achieve realistic targets," he continued.

4. Do it consistently for the first 3 months.

Changing a healthy lifestyle is synonymous with forming habits. Well, to form new habits, at least it takes up to 3 months, including healthy eating habits and exercise.

"The first 3 months must be done, because in psychological theory, if one thing we consistently do 3 months, it will usually become a permanent pattern,"

"Now, 3 more months to 6 months, it becomes stabilization. Usually after 6 months it becomes one thing that is routinely done without effort, we have just as usual,".

5. Make realistic targets

The mistake made by those on a diet is to immediately apply high targets, such as down 20 kilograms in one year. Instead of thinking directly about large numbers, it helps to divide the numbers into periods of time.

For example, a decrease of 1 kilogram every month. Then the steps are arranged slowly and surely. The small number will make it easier for the brain to process, so he makes no excuses to avoid dieting. So, there will be no more diets failing in your 2020 resolution.
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