Truly Miraculous, This Juice Drink Cures Diabetes in 5 Days

The effect of the juice drink is immediately apparent because the blood sugar level drops to 5.

Did you know there is a drink that is claimed to cure diabetes in just a matter of days? One of the drinks made from bananas inevitably surprised the medical community.

Starting from a man who was diagnosed by a doctor as having high blood pressure and diabetes, so he had to take various medications.

The man initially felt himself often felt thirsty. Suspicious of this, the man decided to see a doctor. The results were surprising. He is suffering from a serious illness.

His sugar level was 29, and the doctor stated that his pancreas was no longer functioning. This means he has to inject insulin regularly to survive.

However, after some time, his condition became worse. He began to suffer other health problems. Because he also took many drugs, his triglyceride levels rose by 16 and his blood pressure became 150/100.

Feeling exhausted from having to do this every day, he finally tried a natural way to recover. He also began to consume raw vegetables and fruits. It turned out that his efforts were successful in restoring his health.

Weight Loss 20 Kg
The idea of ​​eating raw food was obtained by this man after watching a program called 'The Edge of Science' on TV. A doctor named John Zirdum interviewed on the show claimed to only consume raw food for 12 years.

Once the program was over, he got interested and decided to try the same way. He bought a blender and decided to change his life!

The first week, many temptations come to him but he defeated it. And the effect of the juice drink is immediately visible because the blood sugar level drops to 5.

Stop Using Insulin
This is truly amazing for him, because he has tried various drugs to get the same results. Eventually, he stopped injecting insulin because he believed his new diet had succeeded in reducing his sugar levels.

He was desperate and will return to insulin treatment if sugar levels rise again. However, after waiting a few days, nothing has changed. His blood sugar level remained stable and his weight began to drop.

Only 25 days, he lost 11 pounds. After 4 months, he lost 20 kilograms, he no longer injected insulin, while his blood pressure was 120/70 and his triglyceride level was 1.4.

Here's the Juice Recipe

He no longer consumed many drugs and felt very healthy. Want to know the secret recipe for reducing blood sugar levels and being overweight in just five days? Check out the recipe below.

5 bananas
2 apples
2 kiwifruit
handful of kale

How to make:
Put all the ingredients in a blender, and add half a liter of water into it.

How to consume:
After becoming a juice, drink half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon or evening.

In addition to drinking this juice, you can eat fresh fruit, can be in raw form or made a fruit salad. Don't forget to add tuna to your diet because it contains vitamin B12, which is needed by the body.
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