Why We Must Choose Organic Baby Food?

Feed Your Baby Only the Best

The foods that a baby consumes play a major role in his growth. They are critically influential in the development of his brain and other organs. In this important stage of your child's life organic baby food can be the best gift you can give him. It is that type of food that is produced without the use of industrial substances such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers that can leave behind harmful chemical residues on the produce. These residues are found in very tiny quantities that are considered by many as below the danger level of humans. The preceding statement however can only be true for adults. The effects of toxins on babies are much worse compared to adults. Even the tiniest toxicity can lead to serious complications or even fatality.

The first two years of life contain the most bodily development. During these times the internal parts and functions of the body are in the process of construction. The development is so fast that any little disruption can cause severe problems. Chemical residues that baby may get from conventional baby foods may interrupt the rapid cellular development happening inside the baby's body which may result to various abnormalities. An infant has an underdeveloped immune system that is not capable of fighting or warding of toxins. Almost his entire body is also made up of liquids that can circulate toxins very quickly. The best way to avoid such dangers is through Organic Baby Food.

Organic baby food has its quality certified in the sense that only organic farms that have been awarded the organic seal or certificate are allowed to label their produce as organic. In the US the certification body for organic farms is the USDA or United States Department of Agriculture. The qualification tests are very strict in order to better protect consumers. First, the land must be chemical free for at least two years. Second, no artificial fertilizers or pesticides should be used on crops and any growth hormones or regular doses of antibiotics on livestock. There should also be no genetic modifications on the DNA of plants and animals.

It is highly advised that mothers feed their infants only organic baby foods. If the budget does not allow you to do so, you can make your own from organic products. Mothers are even encouraged to go gardening during pregnancy. They can take care of their own little organic farms in the backyard. This will provide them a hobby during pregnancy and they can harvest the fruits to serve as food for the baby when he reaches the age of feeding on other stuff than just mother's milk.

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