Making Home Made Weight Loss Drink

The world is full of people with energy drinks and weight loss programs. The thing that most of those programs have in common is that you have to sign up for them and, for most of them; they want you to buy their foods and pay their monthly fees. Yes, sometimes they just have an enrollment fee because they know they are going to get your money with the meal plan, but in any case, you are going to be paying for it.

And the energy drinks that are on the market? Everyone knows that a lot of them on the market had ma huang in them and that was like supercharged caffeine that caused a few deaths until it was made illegal. So now many of them have regular old caffeine in them, which can cause heart palpitations or increased blood pressure. Some of the newer items tell you that you will get five hours of energy or even eight hours of energy from anti-oxidants or whatever. I've tried them, and I'm not sure how much they really impacted me or how much of the impact may have been psychological, like the placebo effect, but something 'new' has come along that you may not have heard about.

When I say new, I really mean new to me, but it's been around for a long, long time. As a matter of fact this was considered a 'wonder food' of the Aztec Empire. And it's something we've all heard about in another application: Chia. That's right chia, just like that chia pet you (or someone you knew) had twenty years ago. Those tiny little seeds can help you to gain energy and lose weight and they have even more benefits than that. This almost sounds like an infomercial...but wait there's more. If you order right now... chia also has essential fatty acids - Omega-6 and Omega-3's which are so essential to your health.

So what's the story, how do you get them and what do you do with them? Pretty much anywhere you can get them on the internet, and most well stocked health food stores will also have them. For the best usage and most health benefit, you can simply take two tablespoons of the seeds (fresh seeds not toasted or roasted or anything) and put them in a cup of water and stir that up and let it sit for about ten minutes. This is sort of weird, I'll be the first to admit, but the seeds will cause the water to become a bit congealed after those ten minutes. Add a couple of tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to that, along with a bit of honey (to taste) and shake that up and then drink it.

It doesn't taste like much to be honest with you, but does give you a good boost of energy for a few hours with no crash at the end. It's totally healthy and also filling, so if you take that prior to a meal, you will eat less. I recommend taking that about twenty minutes prior to a run or a workout at the gym. This is a healthy alternative to caffeine and it's easy to make. The seeds are very inexpensive and last a long time. One pound equals about 70 servings, so for me that's a two month supply.
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