How Flax Seeds Help With Weight Loss

Flax seeds are an excellent food to add into the diet as a weight loss aid. The seeds are small, and available in most health food stores, as well as in most grocery stores. The beneficial weight loss ingredients within the flax seeds are the fiber, healthy fats and other important nutrients. In order for the body to absorb these nutrients, the flax seeds need to be ground up before consumption.


Flax seeds are high in fiber, which bulks in the digestive tract and helps remove the buildup along the walls. This buildup is often what hinders individuals, and prevents them from losing the weight that they want to lose. It also prevents nutrients from being absorbed in the digestive tract, causing the food cravings to skyrocket. Therefore, flax seeds are very helpful in getting the weight loss process started, as not only is the buildup removed, but the body will be able to get by on less food as well, because more nutrients are absorbed when the digestive system is clean.

Healthy Oils

The healthy oils in flax seeds are also able to satisfy the body, and thereby prevent, or at least reduce food cravings. The body begins to crave for junk foods when it does not contain the necessary nutrients that it needs in order to maintain it's strength and energy levels. The seeds are not only able to provide the body with nutrients, but the oils that they contain also help to absorb fat soluble vitamins from other foods. As a result food cravings for junk foods are reduced.

Although both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are important for good health, it is the omega-3 that the body usually lacks, as most foods on the average diet contain significant amounts of omega-6's. To make matters worse, both fatty acids require the same enzyme in order to be absorbed into the body. Therefore, if the body uses up its enzymes on the omega-6's then the omega-3's might not get absorbed at all. The seeds on the other hand are rich with the essential omega-3 fatty acids, and thus are perfect for helping to restore a healthy balance between the oils.

How to Consume Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are easy to incorporate into the diet. They can be ground up and used as a substitute for breads and crackers. They are also great in salads and green smoothies, as they are able to compliment the bitter greens with a nutty flavor.
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