Chia Seeds Provide Health And Weight Loss Benefits

It is hard, particularly when you are dieting, to find foods with easy health benefits. After all, one of the facets of dieting is to cut down on what you are eating; the problem with that is that when you cut down on food, you also cut down on nutrition. At the very best, this usually means that your diet won't be as sustainable as it could be; at worst, you could end up harming your health. However, there is a way to diet effectively and still get much of the nutrition you may have been missing out on while you were cutting back on portions and cutting out food: chia seeds.

These seeds are small black and brown seeds from central America and they were used for centuries as a supplement to the native diet. They have resurfaced recently as an important and very beneficial food for humans. The chia seed health benefits cannot be understated: they are full of minerals and vitamin B and they are easy on the stomach while still being filling. Other benefits include lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol, better hydration in the body since chia seeds absorb a lot of water and then release it in the body, and a stabilization of blood sugar levels since chia seeds slow down the transition of carbohydrates to glucose; this makes chia seeds especially beneficial to diabetics.

Unlike many other foods that are supposed to be for dieters though, and definitely unlike those high priced and irritating meal in a box plans, chia seeds are incredibly easy to use. Simple let them sit in some water for about fifteen minutes until a gel forms and then mix the gel into whatever you want. You can put the gel in yogurt, or use it in place of half the butter or oil needed in baking. The gel is tasteless so it can be easily added to anything you like without hurting the flavor; indeed, many report that the taste becomes stronger because the gel spreads the flavor around.

Chia seed side effects are surprisingly small; unlike many so-called wonder foods which usually have far more side effects than benefits. Chia seeds should not be ingested in large quantities, nor should they be eaten if you are on blood thinners or have to control your blood pressure above a certain point as the seeds may lower your blood pressure to a dangerous point. However, for many diabetics or people who have trouble eating things like lactose, the chia seeds benefits may be a godsend and if you're trying to lose weight, they are even better.

If you are looking for an easy way to add to your diet instead of taking things away, chia seeds weight loss plans are the way to go. You can lose weight by shrinking your portions without starving while not sacrificing the essential nutrients you require in order to keep up with your exercise regime and thus stay healthy and keep losing weight. The health benefits vastly outweigh their slight side effects and they are easy to use as well. If you are interested in losing weight safely and remaining nutritionally balanced, then you should add the chia seeds benefits to your diet.
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