The Difference Baby Crying For Hunger, Tiredness Or Pain

In babies crying is the way they communicate. But, how to distinguish baby crying because he is hungry, feeling sick, or tired?

Speech-language pathologist Diane Bahr says, in newborns they cry for hunger, fatigue, or pain almost the same. Moreover, babies still do not have enough good respiratory control.

Well, all we can do is pay attention to the cry of our baby and for a month, usually Mother and Father already know ya the difference crying baby because tired, hungry, or sick.

"If the baby cries when hungry, usually crying short, low tone and only a few seconds.If we do not respond quickly, crying more intense and intense," said Diane quoted from Parenting.

Therefore, Diane advised parents to respond immediately to the baby, especially in the early months of the baby is born. Quickly responding the child will know that he does not need to cry loudly because we will always be there for him.

So what about crying because babies feel sick? Diane said, her cry suddenly appeared with a duration of two times longer and sustainable. Generally, the cry of a baby because the pain is not too shrill and the tone is modest.

If so, check the condition of the baby yes, Bun. Diane likens children's checks from head to toe. You see, the use of a diaper that is too tight for example can make baby pain right?

"At the age of 2 to 3 months the baby's crying has begun to vary and he may start to have a crying cry or crying tired.Sheeps can be softer and longer.Do not forget to note that the baby is awake long and crying like this, so he can cry because sleepy, "said Diane.

To cope with a baby cry like this, Diane suggested holding a baby and swinging him. Or, place the baby's head on our shoulders and swing at him. Usually the baby will be more calm if he finds a position or a comfortable movement for him.

One thing to keep in mind that the baby is crying do not let him cry for too long. Moreover, there are also nih suggestion 'let alone the baby first cry, let her lungs healthy'. Parenting parent Dr. Howard Chilton says do not let babies cry because babies do not have 'switches' and brain cells are developing. So, the baby does not understand that he is in a dangerous situation or not.

"Allowing babies to cry deliberately, just as well ignore him, and during that time the baby will feel abandoned by his mother," said Howard quoted from Essential Baby.

When we let the baby cry, Howard said the baby would feel his mother ignore him. Well, when she cries but there's no response, Howard says the baby will stop crying because it's one way they save themselves from predators.

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